iPhone iPad keyboard Missing or not Appearing Here's How to Fix it

How to fix iPhone or iPad keyboard: iPhone and iPad is there to make the work of the people easier. However, there are situations where it might create some problems. These problems are faced due to software updating to iOS 12 or 11.3…
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Telegram Secret Chat: How Does it Work?

We are millennial’s and we have seen different ways of communication. In earlier days, before the arrival of smartphones, we used normal text messages and calling through outdated cell phones to share information and ideas. We…
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How to Close Apps on iPhone 12

Having multiple applications running in the background can affect the performance of your iPhone over time and also drains your battery faster. Closing the apps regularly would prevent both these things.  Closing an application on iPhone 12 becomes necessary, especially when the application stops responding. Most of the time, an unresponsive app can be fixed by simply closing it and restarting…
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