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How to Close Apps on iPhone 12

Having multiple applications running in the background can affect the performance of your iPhone over time and also drains your battery faster. Closing the apps regularly would prevent both these things. 

Closing an application on iPhone 12 becomes necessary, especially when the application stops responding. Most of the time, an unresponsive app can be fixed by simply closing it and restarting it. The process only takes a few seconds and is pretty easy to perform. 

Most apps are automatically put on suspended mode as soon as you exit and move on to the other app or window. Closing the app might not work every time if the app is unresponsive and may require you to completely shut down your mobile. 

How Do I Close all Apps on my iPhone 12 ?

If you are not confident or aware of how to close the app on your iPhone 12, we have curated a step by step guide that will help you perform the process with great ease:

  • Go to the Home Screen by simply swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone 12 screen in a single motion. 

Close Apps on iPhone 12

  • While swiping up you need to stop at the middle of the screen.
  • You would see a roller giving a preview of all the application windows that are currently open. Each window appears in the order of the time they were last opened. 

preview of all the application on iPjone 12

  • Select the application you want to close by swiping left or right.
  • You simply need to swipe up the preview window once you have selected the app that needs to be closed. 

selected the app that needs to be closed

  • Multiple or specific apps can be closed with this method. 
  • You can tap on the top or bottom of the display on your iPhone 12 which will return you to the Home Screen.

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