How to Make Funny Memes + Best Meme Maker Apps for iPhone

How to Make Funny Memes

Memes are everywhere. If you feel inspired and are looking for creating your own funny memes, then we can help you with that. iPhone have some great apps dedicated to memes generation. It is free and you can get ready to unleash your creativity, wit, and sense of humor.

Let us discuss the process of making a meme. You can make it with or without a photo of your own.

Steps of making a meme

You have to begin by installing a meme generator app. Then follow these instructions. These are basic instructions and can vary a little form app to app. But for most apps, the steps are similar. However some apps allow you greater flexibility.

  • Open the menu(the three horizontal lines) for all memes
  • There is also the option to key in a search phrase to get your type of desirable memes
  • Scroll through the images
  • Select the most appropriate one
  • Some apps also provide examples, not all apps
  • Type in the top and bottom phrases as you would like them to appear
  • Customize as much as you need
  • You can save or share
  • The saved item will be stored in your iPhone Photos app
  • If you decide to share, you can do so through social media, email and even messaging

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Steps to making meme by using personal photos

If you have a photo that you deem meme-worthy, give it a shot. Here is how t do it. This guide is a general guide and suitable for most app makers. But do remember there will be some changes depending on which app you are using. Most such apps are very user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Open the app
  • There would be a plus sign, or options like the custom photo, custom meme and the likes
  • You will see two options choose take photo or choose from library.
  • Select the photo you want
  • Key in the relevant textsmeme face

You can save or share just the way you would any other meme with a downloaded photo.

Best meme maker apps for iPhone

  1. Meme generator – This is a free app. There is a wide variety of photos you can choose from. Not only that, they allow full customization and that too for free. You will not have to pay any extra cost to do the generator
  2. Meme maker – It is also a great app for making apps. Precise customization may incur on you additional charges. The images variety and the arrangement options makes this app a top favorite amongst meme-makers.
  3. Memetic – This app is great due to its simplicity of usage. Very smooth design for budding meme makers. It also offers customization and has a great collection of images perfect for memes.
  4. Meme producer – Another great app maker. The only downside is that you will get only 12 free images. For more images you will have to pay. However, you can use your own images. It is super-easy to producer
  5. Pictophile – This meme-maker is ideal for a meme making pro. It offers some great features that are quite advanced. It also has its own social media, thereby holds a great opportunity t make your meme viral easily.Pictophile

Now that you know how to make your own memes, get busy and have fun!

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