How to Repair & Get it Fixed Broken iPhone Screen?

How to Repair & Get it Fixed Broken iPhone Screen?

Broken iPhone Screen: If you break the screen of your iPhone and the glass has cracked or shattered, you are probably wondering what to do, and what comes next and you really cannot perform any of your iPhone’s essential functions such as calling, texting or using any apps.

Sometimes, if a broken iPhone screen is the result of a bad drop on a hard surface or water damage. You can try and assess the damage of your iPhone before exploring your repair options. If it is only a small crack, you may be able to just put up with the problem.


Ways to Repair and get it fixed your iPhone’s broken screen:

How to Repair & Get it Fixed Broken iPhone Screen

  • Back-up your iPhone

However, if the screen of your iPhone is completely broken, try to back up your iPhone. Even though your iPhone’s screen is broken, it will still get recognized by iTunes and if your iPhone is recognized by iTunes, it is necessary to back up your iPhone immediately. Follow the below steps to back up your iPhone:

  1. You need to plug your iPhone into your computer and open up iTunes.
  2. Then click the iPhone button in the upper left-hand corner of iTunes and then click Back up now.
  3. When you click Back up Now, a status bar will appear at the top of iTunes.
  4. When the backup is complete, you will see the time that appears under Latest Backup in iTunes.
  • Check the warranty status of your iPhone

Once you back up your iPhone, you should check the warranty status of your iPhone and if your iPhone is protected by AppleCare+, you can be able to get your iPhone repaired for approximately 29 dollars if you only want to repair your damaged iPhone screen. If you dropped your iPhone on a hard surface or if it has been exposed to water, there may be other problems with your iPhone. There are lots of tiny components inside your iPhone, some of which can get easily knocked out of place.

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  • Watch out for a broken glass

You should be careful of broken glass. You need to watch out for a broken glass if your iPhone screen has shattered badly enough for glass shards to lift away from the display unit as these broken screen glass fragments are sharp, small, fragile, and are less than pleasant to get stuck in your skin.

It is better to use a plastic iPhone screen protector and that kept a lot of the smaller glass shards in place but nonetheless some of the glass pieces shattered out and may fall off around the edges and where the screen protector does not hold the broken glass together.

It is better not to remove a screen protector on the iPhone because if you try and peel off one of the plastic screen protectors that is overplayed on shattered glass, the pieces of the broken glass will be spread all over the place. You should be very careful when removing that case as glass may come off with it.

  • Contact Apple and repair the broken iPhone screen

You can contact Apple and repair the broken iPhone screen. You can also take your iPhone into an Apple Store and initiate repairs that way, whether it is fixing on the same day or whatever other repair options are available to you and with your iPhone or you can take your iPhone to an Apple Authorized repair and service center and have them take a look and give you options. If your iPhone is not under warranty, you can also get your iPhone’s broken screen repaired through Apple with some cost.

  • DIY repairs

If your screen damage, there are other DIY options available. There are various home remedies for scratches, no cracks on your screen such as toothpaste. The other options include car scratch removal creams such as the 3M Scratch and Swirl remover that apparently works wonders on a scratched screen. You make sure that all ports are sealed before attempting to use creams as you do not want to add liquid damage to your list of problems.

Therefore, you can repair and get it fixed your iPhone’s broken screen from the above-mentioned ways.

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