Top 21 Software Development Companies in Phoenix 2021

top software development companies

Situated within the middle of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has a significant number of the characteristics of a promising tech city — favorable climate, a powerful economy, and a convenient local area. Known as ‘The Valley of the Sun’, this south-western city isn’t just the home of elite player competitors and pleasant fairways. There are many top Software Development Companies in Phoenix and here we will discuss about that.

Phoenix flaunts a rambling tech biological system containing a portion of the country’s most amazing tech organizations, both new and old. In truth, the city’s tech development means that changes are occurring statewide. As per the Phoenix Business Journal, almost 3,000 new tech jobs have been added across the state since the beginning of 2019. Phoenix, specifically, stands fifteenth among major US tech capitals in net tech work, as indicated by Business Wire.

Best Software Development Companies in Phoenix

Phoenix is naturally a favorite for tech companies looking to settle outside of Silicon Valley, from its top-notch colleges to deep aerospace heritage. The technology group in the city encompasses a wide variety of fields, including software development, cybersecurity, and marketing technology.

In addition to boasting famous satellite offices, such as Yelp and Lyft, Phoenix hosts many other lesser-known but equally promising tech companies, all of which are doing their part to bring the tech site of Arizona on the grounds of the map.

Best Software Companies: Are They All the Same ?

Software development is an unbelievably compensating field in the present corporate sector. While the interest for programming designers is high, the varieties in the kind of work programming engineers do are similarly far and wide. Here are some of the types of services provided by software companies. We can actually say that these are the different types of software companies in reference to the types of services they provide.

  • Web Development

    web development

The prodigy of the current and people in the future of coders, creating for the web implies coding those many pages you peruse over your morning espresso coffee. Web development today is detonating because of the rise of new web advancements and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which let sites plug-in to other helpful highlights.

Thanks to the advent of modern web technologies and APIs that allow websites to plug into other useful features, web development is exploding today. The web should have ‘apps’ today that feel native, and browsers are now much more than a URL bar and an Ad-blocker these days.

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

Mobile development could more readily be depicted as ‘Application Development’ and includes making applications that suddenly spike in demand for cell phones, for example, iPhones, Android gadgets, and as of late, the Windows 10 gadgets too.

Games aren’t the solitary thing to zero in on either. There is a wide range of applications for practically anything, from the standard, such as reminding you to drink water to transform yourself into a zombie.

  • Data Science

Information is the new gold! Huge informational indexes offer no benefit to anybody except if you realize how to manage them. That is the place where information researchers come in. They can discover an incentive in information similarly as much as the regular individual discovers an incentive in gold.

Thinking about enormous informational indexes, conceivably utilizing some bunch figuring approach, and building up a logical application dependent on the discoveries of your information. In order to make their own decisions on particular scenarios, computers require vast volumes of data to learn from, and data science ensures that this knowledge is delivered in the correct form to be used in AI applications.

  • Application Development

This is the first sort of programming. There are standard applications that play out their obligations on conventional work area working frameworks, for example, Windows, Mac, or Linux. It’s frequently viewed as a program, executed on interest by the client, that opens its interface in the bounds of the OS that it’s running in.

  • Back-end DevelopmentBack-end Development

Back-end development is the work that goes on in the background to ensure the front-end program, stirring endlessly does as such without carrying a large portion of your PC to a standstill. The back-end or worker side of a site is the place where the information is put away, and it normally comprises three sections: a worker, an application, and a data set. Back-end designers need to get information bases, just as worker programming dialects and engineering.

  • Programming Tools Development

Not utilized by most purchasers, however basic in the product advancement industry, this kind of development assembles devices for other programming designers to test their code with. Past basic testing, building up this product will guarantee other designers’ code adjusts to industry norms and stays viable.

  • Programming Interface Development

Programming interface development, or the development of APIs, is building something extensible. And Programming interface advancement is the establishing of a framework of standard methodology, types, devices, GUI communication techniques, and information base access that developers building different applications can use for that specific API.

Top Software Companies in Phoenix To Watch Out For 

Let’s now take a look at 21 software companies in Phoenix, creating their own tech haven in the heart of the desert.

1. Elastic – Software Company in Phoenix

Elastic Software Company

Elastic was founded in 2012, and they specialize in data search and analysis. Elastic develops software that makes data available for cases of logging, search, security, and analytics usage in real-time and at scale. The Elastic Stack of the company consists of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, all of which allow individuals to use the power of search to explore and evaluate their data. A broad variety of organizations, such as Package, the University of Oxford, Bayer AG, and T-Mobile, use Elastic’s products.

2. Less Bits –  Software Company in Phoenix, USA

Less Bits company

The company was founded in 2012 and it focuses on software Solutions. Established by Justin Samuel and Kevin Luikens, Less Bits provides developers and companies with SaaS solutions. ServerPilot, which offers server management for PHP management, and HeatShield, which is providing server and WordPress security, are part of the company’s product line. 

3. CloudIT – Software Development Phoenix


The company was founded in 2011 and it focuses on IT Managed Services. CloudIT is a managed IT services company headquartered in Phoenix and specializes in virtual private servers, desktop as a service (DaaS), and more. CloudManage, cloudHelpDesk and cloudOnSite are included in their IT services. A broad range of hardware, including Cisco Meraki, VMware, Ruckus Wireless, Microsoft, and Fortinet, is also built by the company.

4. Phoenix Phive Software Corporation – Software Companies in Phoenix

Phoenix Phive Software Corporation

The organization was founded in 2010 and it is a software development company. The company offers Payroll, 1099 Software, W-2 and 1099 Forms, MICR Toner, Blank Check Stock, and more from one of the oldest stand-alone. Using the Microsoft Visual Studio developer tools, they build all of the Windows products and integrate Microsoft Office components as appropriate. The proven strength and reliability of the industry-standard SQL relational database is included in their 1099 kit to enable guests to store information for a huge number of recipients.

5. PhoenixBizz – Custom Software Development Phoenix


PhoenixBizz is a software development company based in Phoenix, Arizona. For various businesses across the United States, they have completed hundreds of ventures. They provide all types of organizations with web creation, mobile applications, databases, web applications, and cloud-based solutions, from small business websites to large enterprise application systems. Database systems, mobile-friendly websites, small to mid-sized enterprise and cloud-based application systems, as well as mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android, are planned, installed, published, and maintained.

6. ScottsdaleBizz- Software Companies in Phoenix ArizonaScottsdaleBizz company

Scottsdale Bizz offers strategic market strategies for small businesses, particularly for companies with fewer than 200 employees and with a strong emphasis on companies serving the B2B, AEC, construction, financial and technology sectors. It’s a Scottsdale Custom Software & Business Web App Development Company in Phoenix, USA.

7. Sataware Technologies – Technology Companies in Phoenix

Sataware Technologies

It all began in 2010 with two brothers, Arun and Ashok, creators of Sataware Technologies, who used their technical skills to help local businesses grow their digital web presence. With first-class customer service, the brothers quickly developed a reputation for delivering high-quality software. As demand increased, so did their team, but they never lost sight of what made Sataware outstanding, listening to the needs of the customer and fulfilling their standards. 

8. Fyresite


Fyresite is a company focused on designing websites and creating software. The company Fyresite creates new websites and mobile applications. By creating websites, e-commerce shops, and mobile apps that consumers enjoy, they help leading brands to improve sales. All digital platforms are based on them: WordPress, Shopify, iOS, Android and React.

9. Sof HubSof Hub

The product design of Sof Hub optimizes performance and user interface to meet the needs of its consumers and increase brand awareness. In the form of a native iOS/Android app, a cross-platform, or a hybrid app, their custom apps can be customized according to specific necessities. Sof hub is the best custom app development company and has already completed multiple projects.

If you are beginning a project or want to improve your existing software solution with new functionality, Sof Hub is one of the best software design companies, since its software development team will assist you during the development cycle of the program. The assistance starts right from the specifications through coding and testing to support and management following the launch.

10. ClickPoint Software

ClickPoint Software

The business of ClickPoint Software is a software & communication solution. It has never been easier to meet more prospects with outbound dialing, inbound call routing, text SMS, and email nurture. At ClickPoint, they recognize a significant issue with new technologies and the growth of the educated customer.

With technology quickly evolving, there are more opportunities for the educated customer than ever to stop conversations at all costs. These days, to try to attract a prospective client, a salesperson is expected to use many complex software systems all at once. ClickPoint Software provides salespeople with a sales solution that allows them to connect via phone, text, email, or chat with their prospects at the right time.

11. Exquisite Software

Exquisite Software

Exquisite Software has helped its customers build and introduce an innovative telecommunications platform that has allowed its customers to create a more productive workflow within their entire business organisation. Since the first day, Exquisite Software helped build a personalized plan that outlined the entire process of development, helped us create a solid ground for software specifications, created a web, Android, and iOS application, and stuck by the sides continuously.

12. Sector 7 Apps

Sector 7 Apps

The team of strategists for product creation, creative designers, and top-notch developers in Sector 7 Apps specializes in the design and development of iOS and Android mobile apps. Their team will see their vision and mission all the way through from idea to production. As smart business owners, they all realize that you can easily be left in the dust by this ever-changing market. It is incredibly important to ensure that they continue to refine and develop their mobile application to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve.

13. Paragon9

Paragon9 company

Paragon9 focuses on software development as its technologies are built, de-coupled, modular, and scalable with high-quality code. This makes it easier to modify applications so that the solution can evolve and change as their business needs do. They modernize their legacy applications and networks so that modern apps and mobile devices can communicate and interact with them.

14. Velocity Labs

Velocity Labs

Velocity Labs builds software that solves business issues, leading to greater productivity in the workflow, more sales for their company, and much happier customers. They will work with you to analyze current processes, define automation candidates, and incorporate a solution that maximizes their ROI. Using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, they create and manage custom web applications. They follow best practices for coding in the industry and include in their delivered code a completely automated test suite.

15. KitelyTech

KitelyTech company

For any and every technical need, KitelyTech is a one-stop-shop. Their team of committed developers, designers, SEO experts, writers & bloggers, and analysts are here to surpass their requirements and aspirations, whether they are single entrepreneur or C-Level member of a Fortune 100 company. Each of their developers is a seasoned professional within their domain, from HTML to CSS to PHP to Java to WordPress to Android and well beyond.

16. Ghetto Geek LLC

Ghetto Geek LLC

The Ghetto Geek LLC company is driven by industry’s best practices and tech solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs, influencers, pain points with personalized, customer-centered, visually beautiful, mobile-forward, & automated processes that surpass KPIs, all at a rapid ROI price point. They build blazing quick, full-stack, SEO/SEM compliant, Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) (both website + mobile app responsive) w/ JAMstack architecture & API microservice system integration & tools such as: React, Node, Gatsby, GraphQL, FaunaDB, Netlify, AWS, GCP, Serverless, & Headless (WordPress) CMS, Social Media Mgt, branding, graphic design & much more!

17. Mobifilia LLC

Mobifilia LLC designs and develops mobile applications for native iOS and Android. With more than 150 years of experience, they have the strategy to turn effective mobile applications into promising ideas. Their enthusiastic team will produce websites that are easy as well as complex. The easy eye-catching brochure website would have a remarkable effect on prospective clients. They supply efficient and economical web hosting services. They ensure that their system continues to work optimally with their growth in the market.

18. PinnacleCart

PinnacleCart company

PinnacleCart is the compulsively designed all-in-one website solution for increasing tourists’ conversions. The eCommerce platform of PinnacleCart is unique in which it can be entirely tailored to suit the needs of your company. They have the opportunity to adjust and adapt to their market, from feature creation and tweaking to business process improvement.

19. Clarisoft TechnologiesClarisoft Technologies

Clarisoft Technologies is a top software development firm located very close to Phoenix. They deliver full-stack digital business and staff development solutions through outsourcing services. And they are the third most attractive tech outsourcing country in the world. Combined with their offshore/ onshore resources, their deep knowledge of software and application creation helps us to offer high-quality development packages designed to optimize their costs.



NucleusTeq is a company that empowers and transforms the business of customers through the use of emerging technology such as Big-Data, Analytics (AI, ML), Cloud, Enterprise Automation, Block-chain, Convergence, CRM, and ERP. They help customers achieve the following results at NucleusTeq when setting up future-ready data lakes on the cloud or on-premise. 

21. Aspect Software

Aspect Software companyAspect Software is a software development company and they maintain high customer loyalty and higher levels of efficiency by taking into account the broader image of customer interaction, from self-service to agent-assisted, from the contact center to the larger company, on-site to the cloud. Once all of these component parts fall into line; higher income, lower operating costs, and overall business performance can be achieved.

Final Words

Innovation is at the core of present-day trade and programming exists for all intents.  And it purposes each part of life across the world – yet particularly so in business. Phoenix is hoping to put resources into innovation and building up an in-house programming advancement group may seem enticing.

Yet, the functional hindrances to gathering a compelling group that can deal with the basic between associated nature of the relentless business can be huge. Subsequently, it bodes well for some motivations to re-evaluate the mastery needed to a setup custom programming advancement organization that as of now has the right stuff, skill, and experience to run with your product development brief, disperse the smart thoughts from the awful, propose upgrades, and focus on a culmination time span.

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