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How to fix iPhone activation errors

iphone activation error

iPhone is a unique device that gives a lot of features so that customers can be satisfied. Still, there are many problems or issues that people are facing continuously. Out of all the problems activation error is the major problem. However, there are many solutions to this issue. Activation error happens when SIM is not inserted into the iPhone. Sometimes there might be the case of malfunctioning. The change in the default settings can also cause errors inactivation. Given below are 5 main ways through which activation errors can be solved.

Different ways of solving iPhone activation errors

Wait and Try Again

If people are facing the activation error for the first time then it’s better to wait. This is because Apple servers might be very busy. This might take a long time processing the activation request. If the error is not getting solved even after waiting then people should try again. However, if the problem continues then the SIM should be removed from the tray. Then it should be re-inserted before trying to activate again.

Restart or Force Restart

The simplest way to solve the activation errors is to restart the iPhone. Restarting is worth trying as many times the issues are solved through it. People should follow few steps to restart the iPhone.

  • iPhone should be turned off and when it is off completely, then hold the side button. This should be done until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen.
  • iPhone can be shut down through the wake or sleep button. For these people just need to hold that button for some time. Then a red slider will appear through which the device can be turned off. Once this is done then people can start is normally.
  • The home and power button should be pressed together. Then hold for few seconds until the Apple logo comes on the screen.

Force Restart

SIM status checking

In a situation where none of the above methods works then people should check SIM status. There will be activation error if a locked iPhone is getting activated through a different carrier. People should call the carrier and ask them to activate both the SIM and the iPhone. Proper guidance will be provided by the carrier people. iPhone can also be activated by people themselves. Nobody should try activating the phone through a different carrier. People should follow the proper procedure to get rid of activation errors.

Alternative Wi-Fi or network for activation

Sometimes there might be a problem in activation due to Wi-Fi or network. This is because some network ports are blocked by People should try using a different Wi-Fi network for activation errors. It can also be like Apple’s server is blocked in some networks. So trying a different connection might just solve the issue.

Activation through iTunes

iPhone can be activated through iTunes. This process is a bit complicated one. However, it is a good alternative to solve activation errors in the device.

Step 1: The latest version of iTunes must be installed. If it is not then iTunes should be updated through the official website.

Step 2: Then the iPhone should be turned off. It should be connected to the computer with the help of a lightning cable.

Step 3: When it is connected to the computer then it should be turned on. After turning on iTunes will directly open up on the iPhone. However, if this does not happen then manually launch iTunes through the desktop.

Step 4: Then iTunes will ask automatically to activate the iPhone.

Step 5: If the above step does not happen then iPhone has to be activated manually. The left pane of iTunes should be used to select the device. Then the option of manual activation should be selected.

Step 6: Apple ID should be logged in and continue should be pressed.

Activation through iTunes

Activation through iTunes

Restoring for activation errors

Even by following above ways the activation errors are not solved then restoring should be done. This can be done through iTunes. The phone has to be connected to the computer. Once iTunes detects the iPhone then click on restore device. The process of restoring starts and the problem will get solved.

There are many ways that can be followed for solving the activation errors in an iPhone. People can follow any one of the methods given above. They don’t have to run to a service centre for small issues. They just need to understand the problem and then follow the steps for solving it. This will save a lot of money and time.

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